The Cross We Bear

by The North Country

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"Catchy melodies might hook you in, but it's the simple-yet-clever arrangements, thoughtful lyrics, and especially the passion and energy in the performance that make this song worthy of repeated listens. Universal lyrics deliver a heavy dose of earnestness with thoughts about loneliness and finding our place in the world."

"The Cross We Bear by the North Country, pushes and pulls against the private and the public, the clear-eyed and the chaotic, as a good, mult-layered, folk-rock tune should."

"With a nice mix of complexities, layers, and lyrics that we all can identify with “The Cross We Bear” is not only catchy; it’s quality. High energy and passion are poured into every note played and that really comes through loud and clear."


It's the cross we bear
Because it's getting harder to know
It's the load we share
Watching it all move so slow
It's the space between
What is and what isn't yet
It's the things we say and the games we play
That get washed away when we remember to forget

It's the faces of
The people with whom everything changed
The regret you feel
For not taking more of the blame
It's the shirt they wore
That you never returned
It's the chances lost at the cost
Of the bridges crossed and irrevocably burned

Waiting 'round for something to change
If I have everything that I could think I wanted
Then why do I feel so strange?

We're together now
But later we're on our own
She said sex was the only time
When she doesn't feel so goddamn alone
It's the face she made
When she said everything was gonna be alright
It's the face she made when she walked away,
When she walked away, walked away for the last time

So maybe you'll come my way
Maybe you and I are just in denial
Of the things we thought we were always supposed to be

By some chance I don't foresee
That we meet again
Will we be friends
Or be lovers
Uncomfortably thrust apart
Like that blood that flows from the heart
And is stopped, is stopped, is stopped
Is stopped before it starts

So baby if you come my way
I got something to say


released 26 January 2015
andrew grossman: vocals, guitar, keyboard, glockenspiel
braden dauer: violin
shaun dubick: bass
michael hernandez: drums
leah gage: background vocals
linsay deming: background vocals

recorded by andrew grossman, kenny pirog, and peter larkin
mixed by ilia kobrinsky
mastered by mike monseur

words and music by andrew grossman



all rights reserved


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